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-Marilyn Monroe

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My Issues

My bf is deployed for the month, and before he left he became a different person, he picked fights with me and wanted little to do with me. Now I’m here without any communication with him wondering if that’s how he’ll be when he comes home. I don’t wanna be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t care about me, and it’s hard not to question things when I can’t speak to him. Idk what to do, or how to stop doubting things, and idk how to keep myself from being swallowed by these what ifs and torturous thoughts. Help??

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My struggles right now! →

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Cinemagraphs & Quotes


Cinemagraphs & Quotes

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Broken heart

I was madly in love with him. He said he’d never leave, that he loved me too much to leave, then he stopped trying. He gave up. He said he needed space and time, that we’d separate for a week and then he’d let me know how he felt. He took my key! After 5 days of waiting, even through the new year, he told me he wanted a divorce….. I have never had this much conflict in my head. He broke me, yet I miss him more than I ever have. There is no anger, just yearning for the man I love. I don’t know how to stop wanting him to come back to me. I don’t know how to stop missing him.

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You are every song I hear.
— Six Word Story (via utopievomleben)

I miss him so much

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The irony of my life!

At work today I was asked to make wedding veils for a play. My soon to be ex husband later texts me and says “I have the divorce papers, I’m dropping them off at your job.” How ironic can my life get?!?!?! Just thought I’d share that.

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<3 makes me think of him!

<3 makes me think of him!

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Damien Rice - The Rat Within The Grain


Damien Rice - The Rat Within The Grain

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It might hurt to tell him you love him , but it will hurt more if you dont - unkown

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